• Iranian parliament weighing plan to counter U.S. measures Today 09:59

    Iranian parliament weighing plan to counter U.S. measures

    TEHRAN – Iranian parliamentarians have drawn up a motion to counter U.S. President Donald Trump’s anti-Iran rhetoric and his threat to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group.

  • Syria says U.S. proved it is not trustable Yesterday 08:51

    Syria says U.S. proved it is not trustable

    TEHRAN – The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Sunday condemned U.S. President Donald Trump’s refusal to certify Iran’s compliance to the nuclear agreement, saying the move proves that Washington’s attitude toward international security and stability cannot be trusted.

  • Volker Perthes 2017-10-16 20:10

    By Zahra Sadat Khezri

    Germany, EU have realized they must rely on themselves for security: SWP chief

    Volker Perthes says Germany does not try to personalize its foreign relations

    TEHRAN - Volker Perthes, director of the Berlin-based Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik - SWP), says Germany and other European Union members have realized that they must be more self-reliant to protect their security.

  • Iranian economy not affected by U.S.: VP 2017-10-13 00:00

    Iranian economy not affected by U.S.: VP

    TEHRAN – The Iranian economy is not affected by “a foreign official’s remarks,” the vice president for economic affairs said on Wednesday as President Trump is expected to announce U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal within days.

  • Turkey_U.S. 2017-10-11 02:06

    Visa dispute is another sign of Turkey’s drift

    The longstanding Washington-Ankara alliance shows severe strain amid tit-for-tat row

  • Paul Pillar 2017-10-10 21:21

    by Zahra Sadat Khezri

    Neither Trump nor Kim currently seeking war: ex-senior CIA official

    Paul Pillar says North Korea is unlikely ever to give up nuclear weapons as a deterrent against armed attack

    TEHRAN – A former senior U.S. intelligence official believes that neither U.S. President Donald Trump nor North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un are now looking for a war.

  • Iran_Talks_Vienna_14_July_2015_.jpg 2017-10-09 09:24

    By Mehrnoosh Aryanpour

    “Iran Deal” is here to stay, with or without America

    What's the "deal" with Trump's decertification of the "Iran Deal"?

    The author of this piece is a partner at Gide, the thoughts contained herein are her own and should NOT in any way be as Gide's opinion or as a legal opinion.

  • Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah 2017-10-08 19:57

    Nasrallah: U.S. hampering fight against ISIL

    “There are some who are working on obstructing the battle against Daesh (ISIL/Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant)”, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said in a televised memorial speech on Sunday afternoon.

  • ican 2017-10-08 09:56

    By Rick Noack

    The Nobel Peace Prize for an anti-nuclear-weapons group probably won’t please the U.S.

    The decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Geneva-based International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) appeared like a logical step at a time when fears of nuclear conflicts dominate the political agenda. And yet, the organization's track record also indicates how long the path toward a nuclear weapons-free world will be.

  • Thomas Berger 2017-10-08 09:55

    by Zahra Sadat Khezri

    Sanctions alone won't get North Korea to give up nuclear arms: Boston professor

    TEHRAN - A professor of international relations from Boston University believes that economic sanctions alone will not prompt North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

  • Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif 2017-10-01 16:44

    Zarif: Nuclear renegotiation is a ‘myth’

    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday essentially ruled out renegotiating or launching follow-up talks to a landmark nuclear accord that President Donald Trump is threatening to dismantle, saying rewriting the multilateral pact is a “myth”.

  • sadria 2017-09-26 20:34

    By Negar Asadi

    Psychoanalyst: Trump is ‘depressed’

    TEHRAN - A prominent Iranian psychoanalyst says U.S. President Donald Trump is “dangerous” because he has a “lot of power” and is “depressed”.

  • کردستان عراق 2017-09-26 11:12

    By Abbas Aslani

    What U.S. Really Wants from Iraqi Kurdistan

    The controversial independence referendum was held yesterday in the Iraqi Kurdistan despite the opposition from central government in Baghdad and international community including neighboring countries. In the absence of major external practical obstacles, rather than mere opposition, the de facto president of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, could proceed with his agenda of referendum. However, the transition from referendum to independence can be a complicated process even impossible without an international recognition.

  • ‘U.S. created Daesh to impose 30 years of war on the region’ 2017-09-26 10:00

    ‘U.S. created Daesh to impose 30 years of war on the region’

    TEHRAN – The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad has said the United States created Daesh so that the region “would be at war for 30 years.” 

  • Adnan Tabatabai 2017-09-25 21:37

    by Zahra Khezri

    P4+1, EU would try to do their best to keep JCPOA alive: CARPO chief

    Approving Iran as being non-compliant is U.S. difficult task

  • Trump 2017-09-25 02:56

    US vs. North Korea: World must take Trump and Kim at their word

    Now all we hear is this: North Korean and American leaders spar, concerns increase, and calls for peaceful negotiations grow louder.

  • Morad Enadi 2017-09-23 08:54

    ‘Washington threatens to exit nuclear deal to gain leverage’

    TEHRAN – Morad Enadi, a political commentator, said on Friday that the U.S. government is seeking to gain leverage by threatening to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

  • Cleric calls Trump ‘weak-minded’ ‘bad-tempered’, ‘deceitful liar’ 2017-09-23 08:52

    Cleric calls Trump ‘weak-minded’ ‘bad-tempered’, ‘deceitful liar’

    TEHRAN – Tehran’s Friday prayer preacher Kazem Seddiqi on Friday lambasted the U.S. government for anti-Iran rhetoric, saying such behavior manifests the true face of that “corrupt regime”.

  •  U.S. not caring what other countries say: Nikki Haley 2017-09-23 08:51

    U.S. not caring what other countries say: Nikki Haley

    TEHRAN – U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Thursday dismissed other countries’ opinion about whether the U.S. should stay in the nuclear deal or not, saying, “It has never moved the U.S. to care about what other countries say.”

  • Trump 2017-09-23 01:31

    Is Trump about to repeat George W Bush's worst mistake?

    In 2003, the United States initiated perhaps the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history by diverting attention from a necessary war in Afghanistan to an unnecessary war in Iraq.

  • trump 2017-09-21 22:57

    Trump at the UN: Bluster and belligerence

    The U.S. president is wrong to think that nations acting in their own self-interest would on their own create a more stable world. Countries need to work together under rules to which they agree to adhere.

  • Nuclear Deal 2017-09-19 11:58

    76 figures ask U.S., EU leaders to sustain Iran Nuclear Deal

    TEHRAN –Today 76 senior political, diplomatic and military figures from across Europe in a statement, arguing that any unilateral U.S. action that jeopardizes the Iran nuclear deal would trigger a crisis in US-Europe relations, damaging the US’s international standing and credibility in Europe.

  • U.S. has ruined ‘warp and woof’ of nuclear deal: Larijani 2017-09-18 09:20

    U.S. has ruined ‘warp and woof’ of nuclear deal: Larijani

    TEHRAN – U.S. authorities have torn up the “warp and woof” of the nuclear deal, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Sunday in response to the U.S. government’s claim that Iran has not been in compliance with the “spirit” of the accord.

  • IRGC says has infiltrated U.S. command and control centers 2017-09-16 18:51

    IRGC says has infiltrated U.S. command and control centers

    TEHRAN – The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has infiltrated the U.S. military command and control centers in recent years, IRGC Aerospace Force chief Ali Hajizadeh said on Friday.

  • Lawmaker vows firm response to new U.S. sanctions 2017-09-16 10:26

    Lawmaker vows firm response to new U.S. sanctions

    TEHRAN – The Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee will make a firm response to Washington’s recent sanctions against Iran, committee chairman Alaeddin Boroujerdi has said, IRIB reported on Friday.

  • Trump 2017-09-16 03:24

    By Jake Novak

    Republicans and Democrats are both finished

    Stick a fork in the Democrats and Republicans. Wednesday night's latest round of deal making between President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders is the latest evidence that the major political parties have lost all semblance of real power.

  • نادر انتصار 2017-09-15 10:45

    By: payman Yazdani

    U.S. stated and actual policy on Arbil independence referendum incongruent: Entessar

    Commenting on the U.S. incongruent policies toward Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum, Nader Entessar says those in favour of creating an Independent Kurdish state count on U.S. support via Israel.

  • Lawmaker rejects U.S. calls for inspection of Iranian military sites 2017-09-08 13:56

    Lawmaker rejects U.S. calls for inspection of Iranian military sites

    TEHRAN – A top lawmaker has rejected U.S. calls for inspection of Iran’s military sites, saying the country would never give information about its military activities to any country or international organization, Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday.

  • آرشین ادیب مقدم 2017-09-05 10:57

    By Payman Yazdani

    U.S. suffers diplomatic illiteracy to project power: Professor

    Chair of the Centre for Iranian Studies at the London Middle East Institute believes the U.S. ability to project hard and soft power is seriously constrained by its diplomatic illiteracy and lack of political culture, especially under the disastrous Trump presidency.

  • دومین روز بررسی وزرای پیشنهادی دولت دوازدهم در صحن علنی مجلس 2017-09-04 20:51

    Iran parliamentarians rule out inspection of military sites

    TEHRAN – Senior Iranian parliamentarians in separate statements on Monday refuted the prospect of foreign access to Iran’s military sites.