• Turkey Yesterday 09:55

    By Ahmet A Sabanci

    The violence of Erdogan’s bodyguards in Washington DC is Turkey's new normal

    On 17 May, a slice of Erdogan’s Turkey found its way to Washington DC. That day, a group of Kurdish Americans gathered outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence to protest against the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There, they were beaten, threatened and attacked by the Turkish leader’s bodyguards. A total of 11 people were injured. Instead of the attackers, two protesters were arrested.

  • سرگئی لاوروف 2017-05-13 10:21

    Iran, Russia, Turkey to discuss Syria de-escalation zones, Lavrov says

    TEHRAN - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday that Russian, Turkish and Iranian experts plan to meet in a week or two to discuss parameters of de-escalation zones in Syria.

  • Trump-Erdogan 2017-05-12 05:11

    By Semih Idiz

    dds appear stacked against success of Erdogan-Trump meeting

    Omens for the long-awaited meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Donald Trump at the White House on May 16 do not bode well. Despite the smiles both leaders will no doubt have for the cameras, all the signs are that their talks will be tough.

  • Iran-Turkey 2017-05-09 18:40

    By Ali Kushki

    Iran ‘informed’ of Turkish decision to construct border wall 

    TEHRAN - An official with the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Turkey has “informally informed” Tehran of a plan to construct an Iran-Turkey border wall. 

  • Turkey 2017-05-06 15:54

    By Semih Idiz

    Post-referendum, what’s next for Turkey’s EU bid?

    Turkish-EU ties appeared set on a collision course before the April 16 referendum that aimed to increase the powers of the Turkish presidency by switching Turkey to a presidential system of government and, by extension, increasing the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  • Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi 2017-05-01 20:48

    Inconsistent voice heard from Washington: Iran

    TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Iran has not put talks with the U.S. on issues other than nuclear deal on agenda, noting “different” and “paradoxical” voices are being heard from Washington.

  • A poster for the 3rd International ECO-Silk Road Food Festival 2017-05-01 18:59

    12 countries to attend Zanjan gastronomy festival

    TEHRAN – The historical city of Zanjan, northwestern Iran, will play host to the 3rd International ECO-Silk Road Food Festival with the theme of “Together for Sustainable Tourism” from May 10 to 12. ECO stands for Economic Cooperation Organization.

  • Turkey 2017-05-01 09:23

    By Amanda Erickson and Kareem Fahim

    Turkey just banned Wikipedia, labeling it a ‘national security threat’

    If you try to open up Wikipedia in Turkey right now, you'll turn up a swirling loading icon, then a message that the server timed out.

  •  Iran denounces Turkish air raid on Iraq 2017-04-26 20:49

    Iran denounces Turkish air raid on Iraq

    TEHRAN – Iran has denounced a series of attacks carried out by Turkish warplanes in northwestern Iraq as a violation of the Arab country’s sovereignty.

  • Iran-Turkey co-op needed to defeat terrorism: official 2017-04-25 20:44

    By Mohammad Homaeefar

    Iran-Turkey co-op needed to defeat terrorism: official

    TEHRAN – An Iranian Foreign Ministry official underlined on Tuesday the necessity of cooperation between Iran and Turkey in order to defeat terrorist groups and extremist ideologies in the Middle East.

  • محمود منشی پوری 2017/04/22

    By Mahmood Monshipouri

    Turkey and its constitutional referendum: Looking ahead

    The recent referendum in Turkey has dramatically expanded the powers of President RecepTayyip Erdogan, pushing the Turkish people and its domestic politics toward a choice between serving as a democratic model for the rest of the Muslim world or defending their nation by prioritizing security (in the face of the most talked-about terrorist threat—ISIS—within its porous borders) and its economic stakes (worsened by the Syrian refugee crisis) over its democratic ideals in a region that is growing on the whole more authoritarian.

  • Turkey 2017-04-21 04:49

    By  Markus Becker

    It's time to break off EU membership talks with Turkey

    With Turkey's vote on Sunday for sweeping constitutional reforms, autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has consolidated his power and divided the country.

  • Turkey 2017-04-18 02:39

    By Frida Ghitis

    Turkey's democracy died today

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared victory in a referendum over a new constitution that will make him far more powerful, potentially for many more years to come. The result, which the opposition is calling fraudulent, promises to make Turkey less democratic, more bitterly divided and more religious than ever.

  • Turkey 2017-04-15 06:08

    By Elmira Bayrasli

    Is it too late for Turkey’s democracy?

    Turkish democracy is on life support. On April 16, Turks will vote on 18 amendments to their country’s Constitution, including whether to abolish the office of the prime minister and transfer its powers to the president.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2017-04-14 15:55

    By Ali Kushki

    Iran, Russia, Turkey to press ahead with Syria talks despite U.S. strike 

    TEHRAN – The recent U.S. military intervention in Syria will have no impact on the Astana talks and Iran, Russia, and Turkey carry on with their agenda to find a political solution to the Syrian war, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said. 

  • Erdogan 2017-04-10 02:39

    By Patrick Cockburn

    Turkish referendum could end what little democracy is left in the country

    In the final days before Turks vote in a referendum on 16 April on whether or not to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dictatorial powers and effectively end parliamentary government, the mood in Turkey is prone to conspiracy theories and suspicion of foreign plots

  • syria 2017-04-06 15:00

    Turkey-Backed Militants Killed in Clashes with SDF Forces in Aleppo

    TEHRAN - The predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) warded off attacks by militants of the Ankara-led Euphrates Shield Operation on several villages in Northern Aleppo, inflicting casualties on them.

  • U.S.-Turkey 2017-04-03 08:32

    Hilal Koylu

    Did Tillerson's visit to Turkey relieve tensions?

    With U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s meeting in Ankara on March 30, he became the first senior official in U.S. President Donald Trump's administration to visit Turkey.

  •  Three Passions: Book, Coffee and Chocolate Festival 2017-04-02 15:55

    Iran guest country of Turkey’s Book, Coffee and Chocolate Festival

    TEHRAN – Iran is the guest country of the Three Passions: Book, Coffee and Chocolate Festival, which is currently underway at the Harbiye Military Museum in Istanbul.

  • اردوغان 2017-03-27 02:40

    Erdogan says Turkey may hold referendum for EU accession

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says a second referendum may be held after the April constitutional reforms vote over the continuing of EU accession talks.

  • Turkey 2017-03-24 02:46

    Ankara Summons Norway’s Ambassador after Turkish Officers Granted Asylum by Oslo

    TEHRAN - The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned Norwegian Ambassador Vegard Ellefsen, following Norway’s decision to grant asylum to five Turkish nationals.

  • Erdogan 2017-03-24 02:44

    Turkey’s President Urges EU to Respect Human Rights, Freedoms

    TEHRAN - Turkish president continued his war of words with Europe saying his country can be "pushed around", media reports said.

  • مرزبازرگان 2017-03-17 15:54

    Envoy hopes for smooth transport at border checkpoint with Turkey

    TEHRAN – Iranian Ambassador to Turkey  Mohammad Ebrahim Teherian expressed hope on Friday that the trasport flow in the Gurbulak-Bazargan border crossing gets smoother.

  • ظریف 2017-03-15 21:47

    Zarif calls on Turkey to act more ‘seriously’ in region

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on Turkey to pursue a more realistic approach to regional developments, emphasizing that “self-restraint” is an integral part of neighborhood.

  • ASTANA 2017-03-15 21:00

    Iran seals its status as truce guarantor in Syria

    TEHRAN - Iran has officially become a country guaranteeing the truce in Syria, along with Russia and Turkey, Head of the Russian delegation and Presidential Envoy for Syrian settlement Alexander Lavrentyev said on Wednesday in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.

  • Turkey 2017-03-15 09:29

    By Maximilian Popp

    Netherlands dispute gives Turkey perfect election fodder

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it seemed, had run out of stories to tell. He had retold the legend of his rise from the very bottom of society to the political pinnacle, and of his energetic battle against his country's enemies, so often that his referendum campaign had long felt like a repeat of earlier elections.

  • 02br1 tekin.jpg 2017-03-14 21:28

    Iran’s caution on Turkey travel a blow to ties: Ankara envoy

    TEHRAN – The Turkish Ambassador to Iran, Riza Hakan Tekin, has accused Tehran of launching what he called “smear campaigns” against Turkey, stressing it will negatively influence bilateral ties between the neighboring countries.  

  • مذاکرات آستانه 2017-03-14 10:55

    Russia, Turkey, Iran to go ahead with Syria talks: Kazakhstan

    TEHRAN – Russia, Turkey and Iran are pressing ahead with the third round of the Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan, Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov said on Monday, despite a request from the Syrian opposition to postpone the meeting.

  • Majlis urges government to counteract anti-Iran move 2017-03-14 09:43

    Parliamentary committee to look into mistreatment case at Turkish border

    TEHRAN – An Iranian lawmaker has said the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee will follow up on the case of insults against Iranian travelers at a border crossing with Turkey, Tasnim reported on Monday.

  • 2017-03-13 20:52

    Turkey summons Dutch envoy over Rotterdam police action

    Turkey summoned the Dutch envoy in Ankara to complain about the actions of Rotterdam police against Turkish protesters over the weekend as a row over Ankara's political campaigning abroad widened.