• A photo collection depicts parts of the interior and façade of Boroujerdi-ha House, a 19th-century merchant mansion in Kashan, central Iran. 2017-09-16 18:24

    Boroujerdi-ha House lures travelers with plenty of traditional charm

    A photo collection depicts parts of the interior and façade of Boroujerdi-ha House, a 19th-century merchant mansion in Kashan, central Iran.

  • People visit Falak-ol-Aflak Castle in Khorramabad, the capital city of Lorestan province. 2017-09-16 18:16

    Lorestan province’s tourist numbers on rise

    TEHRAN – The number of tourists who visited natural and historical attractions in Lorestan province, western Iran, rose nearly 30 percent during the first four and a half months of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2017) in comparisons to the same period last year, the province’s tourism chief says.

  • Tourism ministers and high-profile representatives of various countries pose for a photo during the 22nd UNWTO General Assembly in Chengdu, China, September 13, 2017. 2017-09-14 02:20

    Iran offers ‘best use of communication technologies’ to spur tourism growth

    TEHRAN – Iran’s tourism chief on Wednesday urged global representatives at a UNWTO General Assembly to make the best use of digital technologies particularly in communication arena as a means for developing worldwide tourism and hospitality sectors.

  • A cluster of World Heritage Volunteers pose for a photo at a lush garden in Yazd, central Iran, on September 6, 2017. 2017-09-13 22:46

    World Heritage Volunteers help raise awareness of Persian qanats

    TEHRAN – A cluster of World Heritage Volunteers has spotlighted essentials to conserve and promote Persian qanats, a UNESCO registered heritage that provides exceptional testimony to cultural traditions in desert areas with an arid climate.

  • A view of Masouleh, a touristic village in northern Iran 2017-09-13 19:27

    Masouleh dossier at final stage for UNESCO tag

    TEHRAN - The process of compiling an all-inclusive dossier for possible inscription of Masouleh, a historical village in northern Iran, has entered its delicate final phase, a cultural heritage official says.

  • An undated photo depicts an Iranian traveler looking at a tourist map in Istanbul, Turkey. 2017-09-12 08:51

    Iran’s 5-month outbound passengers +20.9% y/y: official

    TEHRAN – Over 3.4 million Iranians traveled abroad during the first five months of the current [Iranian] calendar year (started on March 21, 2017), an increase of 20.9 percent from a year earlier, a tourism official said on Monday.

  • Foreign travelers pose for a photo during their visit to the UNESCO-registered Persepolis, in southern Iran. 2017-09-11 19:02

    Over 4.9m foreign travelers visited Iran in 2016: UNWTO

    TEHRAN –The number of international tourist arrivals to Iran stood at 4.9 million in 2016, falling 5.6 percent from a year earlier and showing the first decline since 2013, according to the latest UNWTO Tourism Highlights report released on August 15.

  •  People visit Iran’s pavilion at the China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo 2017, September 8, 2017. 2017-09-10 09:02

    Iran’s tourism potentials, traditions under spotlight at Chinese festival

    TEHRAN – Tourism potentials of Iran, its cultural heritage, traditions, and handicrafts are in the limelight at the China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo 2017 (CITIE), which opened its doors to the public at the China Import and Export Fair Complex on September 8.

  • Detail shows exterior façade of the crumbling Aliabad Caravanserai near a village of the same name in Qom province, central Iran, September 8, 2017. 2017-09-10 09:01

    Abandoned and forgotten: Aliabad Caravanserai

    Detail shows exterior façade of the crumbling Aliabad Caravanserai near a village of the same name in Qom province, central Iran, September 8, 2017.

  • A cluster of foreign tourists pose for a photo during their visit to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad. Women are clad in chadors, a shapeless gown that cov 2017-09-09 20:27

    Iran experiencing significant boom in Western tourist arrivals

    TEHRAN – Emerging from years of strict economic sanctions and an image tarnished by certain media outlets, Iran is now experiencing significant boom in Western tourist arrivals as the country harbors a rich cultural heritage and history and maybe above all being home to many hospitable people.

  • A poster for the fifth Urmia Grape Festival 2017-09-08 13:57

    Grape festival time in northwest Iran

    TEHRAN – The fifth grape festival of Iran kicks off today in Urmia, the capital of West Azarbaijan province, with variety of parades, exhibits of grapes and grape products planned.

  •  A photo collection depicts some giant models of Iranian UNESCO World Heritage sites at Tehran’s Miniature Garden Museum. 2017-09-04 19:11

    By Afshin Majlesi

    See Iran’s World Heritage sites in landscaped miniature park

    TEHRAN – For ones who are always short of time but fascinated with rich Iranian cultural heritage - no matter what age they are - visiting Tehran’s Miniature Garden Museum, featuring replicas of the country’s most important historical landmarks and landscapes, is a must.

  • Tourists visit a Zoroastrian tower of silence and its adjacent fire temple in Yazd, central Iran. 2017-09-03 08:49

    Yazd on traveler’s radar after getting UNESCO status

    TEHRAN – Tour operators working in Iran and even abroad have lauded the inclusion of Yazd on UNESCO World Heritage list, as a privilege that helps to put the historic city on traveler’s radar worldwide.

  • road accidents 2017-09-01 10:44

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Road crashes: accidents or irresponsibility

    With the Iranian calendar month of Shahrivar (August 23-September 22) beginning and the weather fairly cooling, many have already started taking summer vacations across Iran.

  •  A general view of Takht-e Soleyman, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its rugged landscape in northwest Iran. 2017-09-01 08:30

    Takht-e Soleyman: Harmonious sanctuary inspired by natural context

    TEHRAN – Overlooking a lake with a backdrop of a snowcapped mountain range in northwest Iran, lies the UNESCO-registered Takht-e Soleyman (“Solomon’s Throne”), an archeological and touristic site that bears testimony to various eras of the nation’s history.

  • Picture depicts the skyline of Yazd, a UNESCO-registered historical city in central Iran. 2017-08-30 18:58

    Yazd revels in tourism surge

    TEHRAN – The central Iranian province of Yazd is on track to welcome more tourists by registering a major boost in the number of its ecolodges and inscribing its historical capital on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

  • CTHTO Director Ali-Asghar Mounesan speaks in an undated photo. 2017-08-30 18:55

    Each tourist means 30 barrels of oil in revenues for Iran

    TEHRAN – Every single foreign tourist visiting Iran spends an average of $1,200, bringing in income as much as exporting 30 barrels of oil, the Iranian tourism chief said in a meaningful comparison as the country seeks to cut reliance on oil incomes.

  • Darreh Khazineh 2017-08-28 09:37

    Darreh Khazineh a tourist hub in western Iran

    People cross an elevated suspension bridge that spans Darreh Khazineh, a steep canyon in western Iranian Lorestan province, August 26, 2017.

  • A woman takes photographs in front of the New Mosque by the Bosporus strait in Istanbul, Turkey, January 12, 2016. (Reuters/Murad Sezer) 2017-08-27 09:33

    Iranians visiting Istanbul on the rise

    TEHRAN – The number of Iranian travelers to Istanbul has followed an upward trend in the recent years, ranking second after Germans when it comes to the distribution of tourists visiting the Turkish city by country.

  • Travelers visit the historical Belgrade Fortress on the confluence of River Sava and Danube in Serbia 2017-08-27 09:32

    Serbia expects more tourist arrivals from Iran

    TEHRAN – The number of Iranians visiting Serbia is expected to rise as the southeastern European country has recently decided to waive visa requirement for Iranian nationals.

  •  The picture shows an artist’s rendition of the Isfahan Healthcare City in central Iran, whenever the massive project is fully completed. 2017-08-23 18:23

    Healthcare city aims to boost Iran’s medical tourism prospects

    TEHRAN – The first phase of an enormous healthcare city was officially inaugurated in the city of Isfahan, central Iran, on Monday as the country avidly seeks to surge its global share of the medical tourism market.

  • Mohammad Moheb-Khodai speaks in an undated photo 2017-08-23 18:23

    CHTHO chief names deputy director for tourism

    TEHRAN – The newly-appointed director of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization Ali-Asghar Mounesan has selected Mohammad Moheb-Khodai as his deputy for tourism affairs.

  • A view of Fahraj congregational mosque in Yazd province 2017-08-22 09:17

    Fahraj mosque amongst oldest Islamic structures in Iran

    TEHRAN – At over 1400 years old, Jameh Mosque of Fahraj still stands tall in a township of the same name in Yazd province, central Iran.

  • People revel in the peaceful atmosphere of Pol-e Khaju in Isfahan. The 17th-century bridge is lit by glorious colors at dusk. 2017-08-21 20:35

    Pol-e Khaju: Architecturally interesting, visually appealing

    TEHRAN - To experience Isfahan, a vibrant tourist city in central Iran, it is most magical to walk across Pol-e Khaju at sunset when the 17th-century bridge is lit by glorious colors.

  • An undated picture released by shows Western travelers posing for a photo near Chehel Sotoun, a Safavid-era pavilion in Isfahan, central Iran. 2017-08-19 20:08

    Tourist flow from U.S. to Iran not slowed down

    TEHRAN – The tourist flow from the U.S. to Iran has not been slowed down as its year-on-year rate shows no decrease in the stream, says the chief executive of the Iranian Tour Operators Association.

  • Travelers sit overlooking the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan. (Photograph: James Strachan/Getty/Robert Harding World Imagery) 2017-08-17 13:53

    Some 360,000 Iranian expats toured home in 3-month span

    TEHRAN – A total of 360,200 of expatriate Iranians visited home as sightseers during the first three months of the current Iranian year (March 21 – June 21), a tourism official says.

  • A view of the Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site 2017-08-15 10:09

    Tehran event to spotlight Tabriz as capital of Islamic tourism

    TEHRAN - The 28th National Crafts Exhibition which is to be held in Tehran is set to dedicate a special section to the city of Tabriz which will be the capital of Islamic tourism in 2018.

  • A view of the Lake of Ghosts in Mazandaran province, northern Iran. The small lake is peppered with some dead trees that add to its charm. 2017-08-15 09:53

    22 properties added to Iran’s natural heritage list

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization has recently inscribed 22 natural spots and landscapes on the national heritage list, IRNA reported on Saturday.

  • A file photo shows people visiting the three-story Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd, central Iran. 2017-08-14 20:33

    Amir Chakhmaq Complex: A photogenic destination

    TEHRAN - The 19th-century Amir Chakhmaq Complex with its imposing three-story facade is one of the abundant tourist hotspots of Yazd, an oasis city in central Iran.

  • A view of St. Basil’s Cathedral, a major tourist destination in Moscow 2017-08-12 19:40

    Iranian tourist arrivals to Russia rise 9% in H1

    TEHRAN – The number of Iranian travelers who visited Russia during the first half of 2017 has witnessed 9 percent year-on-year growth, according to Rostourism - Russia’s Federal Agency for Tourism.