Mohammad Ali Najafi


  • Mohsen Hashemi 2017-08-19 19:55

    Mohsen Hashemi sole candidate for Tehran city council chairman

    TEHRAN — As it had been agreed in the last informal session of the new Tehran city council on Wednesday, Mohsen Hashemi remains the sole candidate for the post of chairman in the council.

  • Mohammad Ali Najafi 2017-08-11 19:12

    Najafi sole candidate for Tehran mayor

    TEHRAN — Mohammad Ali Najafi remains the sole candidate who is widely expected to take up the post of Tehran mayor in the coming days or possibly weeks.

  • محمد علی نجفی مشاور رئیس جمهور 2017-08-07 11:27

    Najafi submits plan as to-be Tehran mayor

    TEHRAN – Mohammad Ali Najafi, who is widely expected to win the post of Tehran mayor, has submitted his plans to new members of the Tehran City Council, a council member said on Sunday.

  • Mohammad Ali Najafi 2017-08-04 17:01

    To-be Tehran mayor says proposal on way

    TEHRAN – Mohammad Ali Najafi, who has the highest chance to be elected as the mayor of Tehran, has said he will deliver his proposal for the management of the capital to the 21-member city council.

  • clean air 2017-07-21 19:39

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Final line-up for post of Tehran mayor revealed

    TEHRAN — During a session of the new Tehran City Council on Wednesday seven candidates succeeded to win the necessary votes to compete for the post of mayor in Tehran.

  • Tehran 2017-07-02 19:48

    Who is going to run for mayor of Tehran?

    TEHRAN - When the pro-reform candidates for the fifth Tehran city council election on May 19 captured all 21 seats, speculations ran rife as who would be chosen the capital’s next mayor.