• محمود منشی پوری 2017/04/22

    By Mahmood Monshipouri

    Turkey and its constitutional referendum: Looking ahead

    The recent referendum in Turkey has dramatically expanded the powers of President RecepTayyip Erdogan, pushing the Turkish people and its domestic politics toward a choice between serving as a democratic model for the rest of the Muslim world or defending their nation by prioritizing security (in the face of the most talked-about terrorist threat—ISIS—within its porous borders) and its economic stakes (worsened by the Syrian refugee crisis) over its democratic ideals in a region that is growing on the whole more authoritarian.

  • تویوتا داعش 2017-03-30 01:00

    ISIS releases video, threatening Iran

    TEHRAN - The Islamic State group threatened Iran for its role in the region’s conflicts, in a rare Farsi-language propaganda video released on Monday.

  • داعش اعدام 2017-03-25 10:23

    Russian troops killed in ISIS-claimed attack on Chechen base

    TEHRAN - Six Russian soldiers were killed in Chechnya on Friday (March 24) when gunmen tried to storm their base in an attack claimed by the ISIS, just days before Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will arrive in the country for formal meetings. 

  • qassemi 2017-03-23 20:47

    Iran condemns terrorist attack in London

    TEHRAN – Iran has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in London while criticizing what it called European countries’ “double standards” on combating terrorism.

  • Trump wings 2017-03-19 21:18

    By Seyed Hossein Mousavian

    Trump's ISIS challenge

    During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump declared that destroying ISIS would be his top foreign policy priority. He signaled his seriousness about meeting this campaign promise shortly after inauguration day, ordering the Pentagon to develop a plan to more aggressively confront the group.

  • Hossein_Askari 2017-03-17 13:01

    By Hossein Askari, Contributor Professor of Business and International Affairs at George Washington University

    Trump’s ‘Beautiful’ Deals with Arabs Will Boomerang

    President Trump has said time and again that he would bring his deal-making talents, which he claims to be second to none, to his new job as president of the United States.

  • ارتش عراق 2017-03-17 00:39

    Region would collapse short of Iran: Iraqi envoy

    TEHRAN - Iraqi ambassador to Tehran Rajeh Saber Abboud al-Mousavi stressed in comments on Thursday that the whole region would fall without backing from Iran.

  • Iraq 2017-02-27 02:59

    By Omar Sattar

    Families of ISIL members evicted from liberated areas in Iraq

    Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Feb. 22 that his government is ready to start the implementation of national reconciliation in the very near future. The plan includes returning the displaced families to their hometowns and building an inclusive political and social setting in the liberated areas.

  • Iran nuclear deal 2017-01-02 10:34

    By Farhad Rezaei

    To defeat ISIS, Washington needs to keep the nuclear deal with Iran

    The election of Donald Trump has introduced a sea change in American foreign policy. Trump’s vision has fateful and potentially devastating ramifications for the Middle East, and Iran in particular. In a nutshell, Trump was propelled to power by a brand of populism known as “national-racial populism” (as opposed to the progressive class-based populism embraced by the Left). During the campaign, Trump spoke out against Mexicans, Muslims and other minorities who, in his view, threaten the national interests of America’s white population. 

  • Cleric: Muslims shattered blasphemy in Aleppo 2016-12-18 11:10

    Cleric: Muslims shattered blasphemy in Aleppo

    TEHRAN – Tehran's interim Friday prayer preacher has expressed satisfaction with the Syrian government’s victory over terrorists in Aleppo, saying “Muslims overcome heresy.”

  • Daesh attack reveals its decline: ex-ambassador 2016-11-26 20:50

    Daesh attack reveals its decline: ex-ambassador

    TEHRAN – Iran’s former ambassador to Baghdad has censured Daesh’s deadly attack on Arbaeen pilgrims south of Baghdad, saying the move indicates the terrorist group is on decline.

  • انفجار 2016-11-25 13:09

    Epic Arbaeen whets ISIS appetite for blood

    TEHRAN – Incensed by an epic Arbaeen, the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility in an online statement for a blast in Iraq which killed about 100 people, including 71 Iranian pilgrims.

  • Slovenian President and his entourage met with Ayatollah Khamenei 2016-11-22 21:19

    Leader: U.S. neither intends to nor can uproot ISIS 

    TEHRAN – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has made a case against the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS, rejecting that it has been successful so far. 

  • بازدید محمد باقر نوبخت معاون رئیس جمهور از پروژهای عمرانی استان البرز 2016-10-19 10:22

    Iran say not involved in ground offensive for Mosul liberation 

    TEHRAN - One day after Iraq announced the start of the massive operation in Mosul to retake the second biggest city of the country from ISIS, the Iranian government spokesman said Tehran has no ground boots in Mosul.

  • 02-AK1 Isis.jpg 2016-10-14 15:54

    Iran smashes terrorist cell, reports direct link to ISIS  

    TEHRAN – Iran’s intelligence ministry said on Tuesday it had smashed a terrorist cell in southern province of Fars, arresting 11 and confiscating explosives.