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  • ریچارد مورفی 2016-10-09 10:41

    By Javad Heirannia

    Murphy: Congress vote on 9/11 bill shocked Saudis 

    TEHRAN – The U.S. Congress on September 29 overturned Barack Obama’s veto of a bill that would allow families of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks to sue Saudi Arabia, a move which Richard Murphy says “shocked” the Saudi government. 

  • Nicholas Hopton 2016-10-04 08:12

    By: Mehdi Sepahvand

    UK wants to engage with Iran to find ways forward: ambassador

     TEHRAN – The British ambassador to Tehran says his country is eager to engage with Iran as a regional power to resolve conflicts.

  • حسین عسگری 2016-10-03 11:02

    By Javad Heirannia

    OPEC will not agree on quota level, business expert predicts

    TEHRAN - A professor of international business and international affairs from the George Washington University is of the opinion that some OPEC members will not abide by their pledge to reduce their crude production.

  • دکتر نادر انتصار 2016-10-01 11:13

    By Javad Heirannia

    Academic calls UN a highly politicized entity

    ‘Granting of the veto power to a handful of countries is not conducive to the needs of the 21st century’

    TEHRAN – Professor Nader Entessar from South Alabama University tells the Tehran Times that “the United Nations is a highly politicized entity” and that it “depends too much on the largess of a handful of political and financially powerful countries”. 

  • sadria 2016-09-27 20:33

    ‘Iran is in new season of blooming’

    Iran has adopted realistic regional policies, scholar says

    TEHRAN - Modjtaba Sadria, a university professor, believes that Iran has adopted very “good” and “realistic” regional policies which have protected the country’s peace and stability.

  • Peter A. Hall 2016-09-27 11:33

    By Fateme Mohammadipour

    Hillary has more chances to win election: Harvard professor

    Peter A. Hall says Trump ‘is focused on his own celebrity’

    TEHRAN - Peter A. Hall, a political scientist at Harvard University, believes that “due to racist policies of Trump, Hillary Clinton has more chances for winning” the presidential election.

  • ویلیام بیمن 2016-09-26 11:29

    By Javad Heirannia

    Great power rivalry have made UN ineffective: academic 

    William Beeman says ‘UN troops are not proactive’

    TEHRAN - Head of the anthropology department at the State University of Minnesota believes that the rivalries between great powers, especially those between the United States and Russia, have made the United Nations unable to be an influential player in ending bloody conflicts like the one in Syria.

  • Silk Road.jpg 2016-09-24 10:38

    By M.A. Saki 

    Iran is a major country in Silk Road project: expert 

    TEHRAN – A professor of political science says Iran is an important country in the Silk Road project as China and Iran have already established “extensive” relationship.

  • Mark N. Katz 2016-09-21 14:56

    By Fateme Mohammadipour

    Trump is a ‘dangerous person’: professor

    TEHRAN - A professor of government and politics at George Mason University believes that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a “dangerous person” when it comes to matters of foreign policy.

  • Ron Jacobs 2016-09-21 10:11

    By Mohammad Homaeefar

    ‘Activists say war not a moral answer to inequalities in the world’ 

    TEHRAN - International Day of Peace is observed annually on September 21. On the occasion, the Tehran Times conducted an interview with Ron Jacobs, author of Daydream Sunset: Sixties Counterculture in the Seventies, to discuss the antiwar activities of Catonsville Nine, the late Father Daniel Berrigan, and other peace-loving activists.

  • Interview-Bricmont.jpg 2016-09-18 09:50

    By Mohammad Homaeefar

    Analyst: West’s military intervention in Mideast is ideologically driven

    Jean Bricmont says Washington justifies wars by ‘human rights ideology’

    TEHRAN - Tehran Times has conducted an interview with Jean Bricmont, author of Humanitarian Imperialism, to discuss the “humanitarian wars” of the United States.

  • رابرت بیانچی 2016-09-17 15:27

    By M.A. Saki

    Iran one of handful of states vital for success of Silk Road: SISU professor

    TEHRAN – A professor of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) tells the Tehran Times that “Iran is one of a handful of countries that are indispensable to making the new Silk Road a success.” 

  • Nicholas Onuf 2016-09-14 13:55

    By Javad Heirannia

    U.S. global political leadership has declined: Professor Onuf

    TEHRAN – Professor Nicholas Onuf, a primary figure among constructivists in international relations, tells the Tehran Times that the United States’ political leadership has been declining. 

  • Silk Road.jpg 2016-09-12 11:53

    By Javad Heirannia

    Iran is a ‘vital link’ on Silk Road: expert

    TEHRAN - Gautam Adhikari, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress in Washington DC, tells the Tehran Times that Iran is “a vital link” on Chia’s new Silk Road initiative, also known as  “One Belt, One Road” program.

  • فرهنگ جهان ‎پور 2016-09-06 22:13

    By Javad Heirannia

    Old alliances falling apart and new ones being formed: professor

    TEHRAN - Farhang Jahanpour, a former senior research fellow at Harvard University, believes that certain regional and global powers are using terrorism as a tool to achieve their “geopolitical goals”.

  • علی کفاشیان 2016-09-04 09:40

    By Shervin Gilani

    Kafashian declares Iran’s categorical support of the Islamic World’s first FIFA World Cup

    The excitement of Iran’s opening match in the final round of the AFC World Cup qualifiers for Russia 2018 overshadowed an equally important off the field event.

  • MA.Denmark.jpg 2016-09-03 09:25

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    Sanctions removal offers huge untapped potential for Denmark–Iran trade: Danny Annan

    Lifting of sanctions has created a huge untapped potential for trade between Denmark and Iran, Danish Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan told the Tehran Times in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

  • 02-Vietnam.jpg 2016-09-02 19:56

    By: Ali Kushki

    Sovereignty and territorial integrity is sacred for every nation

    Annually, Vietnam marks its National Day on September 2nd. On the occasion, the Tehran Times has held an interview with Vietnamese ambassador to Iran Nguyen Hong Thach, asking a number of questions on internal and external issues, including relations between Iran and Vietnam.