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  • پل پیلار رئیس سابق بخش تحلیل عملیات سازمان اطلاعات مرکزی آمریکا (سیا) و عضو شورای اطلاعات ملی آمریکا 2017-02-28 13:15

    British thinking about Iran won’t primarily be affected by U.S.: security expert

    TEHRAN – A senior fellow at the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University and at the Brookings Institution says "official British thinking about relations with Iran will not primarily be affected by the U.S. administration."

  • Danish minister of taxation 2017-02-20 20:17

    By Marjan Golpira

    Post-sanction Iran a much more interesting market for Danish companies: minister

    TEHRAN – Karsten Lauritzen, a member of the Danish Parliament for the Venstre and Tax Minister of Denmark, sat with the Tehran Times last week for an exclusive interview in which he expressed his country’s wish to invest more in Iran. “After easing of sanctions, Iran has become a much more interesting market for Danish companies.”

  • آرشین ادیب مقدم 2017-02-15 11:55

    By Payman Yazdani

    Europe is well advised to care for its own security: expert

    TEHRAN - A leading scholar believes that NATO is “outdated” and suggests that Europe should care about its own security, especially as Donald Trump, whom he described as “unreliable”, has taken the helm at the White House.

  • Hermidas Bavand 2017-02-14 10:04

    By Mehdi Sepahvand, Katya Bohdan, Ali Kushki 

    Iran should not put all eggs in one basket: professor 

    ‘Iran paying dearly for opposing Israel’

    TEHRAN – Iran should not put all its eggs in one basket and it is necessary to establish “good ties” with all countries, says Davoud Hermidas Bavand, a politics professor at the University of Tehran. 

  • Tim Anderson 2017-02-13 10:01

    By Mohammad Homaeefar

    Mideast policies show Trump doesn’t run Washington: Tim Anderson

    TEHRAN - Professor Tim Anderson, a senior lecturer in political economy at the University of Sydney and the author of The Dirty War on Syria, says following Donald Trump’s inauguration, it quickly became apparent that his words must be taken “with a grain of salt” and that he does not run Washington.

  • ریچارد مورفی 2017-02-10 18:13

    By Javad Heirannia

    It’s strictly unclear that Trump would seek review of JCPOA: Richard Murphy

    Murphy says allies would not join U.S. if Trump abrogates nuclear deal 

    TEHRAN - Richard W. Murphy, the former U.S. ambassador to Syria and Saudi Arabia, says allies would not join the United States if the Trump administration rescinds the nuclear deal negotiated between Iran, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Germany, and the European Union.

  • sadria 2017-02-04 10:15

    By Negar Asadi

    Trump’s policies show decline of U.S. hegemony: scholar

    TEHRAN - A prominent scholar says adoption of policies such as visa ban for certain countries by U.S. President Donald Trump indicates the fact that the hegemony of the U.S. is declining.