By Setareh Behroozi

From local to global: The way social networks change our lifestyle

May 2, 2017

All kinds of applications and social networks including Facebook, Telegram and Instagram change our lives in a way that we must pass from a local point of view to a global one, said Nasser Fakouhi, professor of anthropology at the University of Tehran, in an exclusive interview with the Tehran Times.

In his view, social networks should be accepted as a part of modern world. “We must accept the world as it is and not as we want it to be. But also, it makes the world more real and in the same time more unreal.” 

Such networks have been turned into an important part of daily life in Iran and other parts of the world during recent years and they have significant effects on the everyday lifestyle of people. The effects of social networks cannot be disregarded in social relationship and the perception of life.

“I think these kinds of applications have completely changed lifestyles, global and local viewpoints of our youth, and even elder people. Of course, this is the case also in other countries,” he explained.

Professor Fakouhi believes that this ‘technological revolution’ is inevitable and even somehow a necessity.

“The cons [of social networks] are losing in a way that they can’t just imagine! This is what happens with every new technological revolution,” he said.

He pointed to some historical evidences regarding people who confronted technological changes which led to defeat.

“Look at the 18th century and the people who didn’t want to accept the new technologies of mass production and mass consumption and their results: cultural democracy and mass artistic and cultural production. Now we are in a new technological revolution which will change everything in a few decades. So, people who don’t or who can’t accept this will be disappeared simply and forever,” he warned.

In his view, the only way to reduce the negative effects of social networks is to ‘have an impact’ on them.

“The only way to have an impact on social networks and on the new media age in general, is first, to accept them, as they are. Till then we will have to suffer from all their negative effects without automatically have the positive ones,” Fakouhi concluded.


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