Iran Air opens a new chapter in its history with ATR

April 19, 2017

The contract with Iran Air enables ATR to welcome a new operator and introduce the most modern version of its aircraft in a market poised for significant growth, the official website of ATR announced on Wednesday.

ATR is proud to confirm the signing of a contract with Iran Air for the introduction of 20 ATR 72-600 aircraft between now and the end of next year. The Iranian national airline is about to open a new chapter in its history, by seizing the opportunity to grow its business and modernize its regional network.

Iran is expected to require 500 new aircraft in the next 10 years, including over 100 replacements for regional aircraft that are over 20 years old. Another key factor is that over a third of Iranian domestic flights cover routes of less than 300 nautical miles - distances for which ATR offers the best solution, in terms of comfort as well as flexibility, reliability and operational costs.

The first ATR-600 aircraft operated by Iran Air are scheduled to take off for Tehran within the next weeks. The contract also includes options for 20 additional aircraft. 
(Source: ATR website)

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