Tens of Saudi-Backed Militias Killed in Yemen's Offensive in Ma'arib Province

March 4, 2017

TEHRAN - The Syrian army and popular forces continued their advances in Ma'arib, killing and injuring tens of Saudi-backed militants after several hours of fierce clashes in the Ninth district in the Western part of the province.

The Riyadh-hired mercenaries sustained heavy losses in over 12 hours of clashes with the Yemeni forces in Daveh, al-Nashameh and Jabal (mountain) Yam regions on Friday.

The Saudi-backed militias were forced to withdraw after sustaining a heavy defeat.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Yemeni forces targeted and destroyed Saudi Arabia's strategic military base with a Zalzal-2 missile in Najran province in the Southwestern part of the kingdom.

The military positions of the Saudi army in Rajla military base in Najran province were destroyed in Yemen's missile and rocket attacks.

The Yemeni army also fired several Katyusha rockets at Rajla military base.

A video released by the Yemeni army shows the moment the Zalzal-2 missile hits Rajla military base.

Also on Monday, the Yemeni army and popular forces' missiles and artillery shells hit the strategic military bases of the Saudi troops in Najran and Jizan provinces in the Southern part of the kingdom, destroying a number of them.

Saudi Arabia's al-Shabakeh and al-Fawaz military bases were destroyed in the Yemeni forces' offensives.

Meantime, the Yemeni army and popular forces also hit al-Jabaneh, al-Sudanieh and al-Beit al-Abyaz military bases in Jizan province, inflicting heavy losses on the Saudi army troops.

Meantime, a Saudi border guard was also killed in al-Hanjar military base in Assir province in the Southern part of Saudi Arabia.

(source: farsnews)

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