Envoy says banking issue being addressed by two sides

October 26, 2016

Finnish Ambassador to Tehran Harri Kämäräinen told the Tehran Times that the two countries chambers of commerce are in countries are in continuous talk to address the banking issue.


  • 2016-10-27 16:41
    The Rothschild's International banking cartel and it's offspring Israel control of all the West's governments and is the direct cause of military destabilizations by the West. Since the 1963 pro-Federal Reserve Bank, pro-war, pro-nuclear Israel in US, the US has been in endless "wars" from Vietnam to Syria profiting Tillions of dollars for Rothschild's unregulated hedgfunds for their Zurich BIS/IMF/World Bank. The new BRICS bank with it's currancy backed by gold is the only way to defeat Rothschild's World Bank/Israel that controls US, UK, France, Germany's worthless currency backed only by Rothschild's craven word . respectfully yours,

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