Iran’s foreign tourist arrivals continue to increase

February 13, 2012
Iran aims to raise the number of foreign tourists to 20 million by 2025, as per the country’s 2025 vision. Seyyed Hassan Mousavi, the head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, pointed out that based on factors defined by World Tourism Organization, Iran has attracted 3.2 million foreign tourists during the current Iranian year (started March 2011).
“Therefore, we should try to raise the figure to seven million by March 2013,” he said.
“If the number of foreign tourists increases to 7 million, we can be hopeful of reaching the figure set by 2025.”
Mousavi noted that all people and sectors should join hands to introduce Iran’s tourism potentials to the world.
On Western efforts to prevent the travel of foreign tourists to Iran, he said unfortunately the West’s media cartel is against the entry of foreign tourists to Iran.
“Because they understand that with the arrival of foreign tourists, their plot of introducing Iran as an unsafe country will be foiled,” he said.
According to statistics released by reliable international sources, he said foreign tourists feel 25 percent safe before traveling to Iran.
“But when they visit Iran, they feel 95 percent safe,” he said.
“Any body or group, which creates obstacles to the arrival of foreign tourist, is not the friend of Islamic Revolution and nation.”
The ICHHTO chief further said the entrance of foreign tourists can create millions of jobs and foil the media propaganda of Western nations.
Mousavi called the efforts of certain domestic media in highlighting the shortcomings of ICHHTO as a wicked act, as it will hit the tourism industry.
Manouchehr Jahanian, the deputy head of ICCHTO for tourism affairs, also emphasized the importance of reaching the goals set by Vision 2025 in the field of tourism. (Source: IRIB)