Leader demands ‘year of hard work’

March 18, 2010

TEHRAN – In his message for the Persian New Year on late Sunday the Supreme Leader called the year 1389 which started on Sunday “the year of strong will and hard work”.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei also praised the achievements and successes made in the year 1388 which ended on March 20.
The Leader said in his view the year 1388 can be called “the year of Iranian nation” in which the people their through “historic” support for the system, which the “fate of our country and our great revolution” was dependent on, set the stage for the progress of the Islamic Republic.
The Supreme Leader also praised people for their huge turnout in the last year’s presidential election, saying the nation set an “unprecedented” record in the history of the revolution and the long history of Iran.
The Leader also said in the months after the election the people demonstrated their strong “national will”, “resistance” and “insight” by holding “fateful” rallies in support of the Islamic Revolution.
A short analysis of the post-election incidents shows that 30 years after the Islamic revolution the enemies used all their efforts to “defeat the revolution from within”, the Leader noted.
However, the nation rose against this great conspiracy and hostile move and succeeded to defeat the enemies through their vigilance, insight and strong resistance.
He also praised the performance of officials in the year 1388, saying “officials also did valuable and great services.”
Great works were done in different areas in 1388 and the country made successes in foreign policy matters and substantial advancements were made in scientific and industrial fields, he explained.
And it is the duty of all to thank officials for their efforts for the development and progress of the country, he added.
However, Ayatollah Khamenei added what has been done over the years is not “great” in regard to the country’s great potential and tenanted people.
In order to take steps in proportion to the country’s needs and potentialities it in necessary to expedite efforts and “I call this year ‘the year of strong will and hard work’.”