Iran Capable of Producing Variety of Agricultural Products

May 23, 1998
TEHRAN - Deputy Minister of Commerce and Head of the Exports Promotion Center Mojtaba Khosrowtaj said here on Wednesday that Iran has the potentials for producting varying kinds of agricultural products. Unfortunately, foodstuff trade is not in a favorable condition at present due to weaknesses prevailing over the food industry, he added. Khosrowtaj, speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the Fifth International Agricultural and Foodstuff Fair, put the country's annual fresh fruits and vegetable production capacity at 18 million tons.

Despite this, the share of the agriculture in the country's Gross National products (GNP) does not exceed 20 percent, Khosrowtaj said. He added that $100 million were earned last year through foodstuff exports. Speaking in the same ceremony the Construction Jihad Minister Mohammad Saeedi-Kia said that strategies should be formulated to prevent waste of agricultural and foodstuff products, which he said is about 30 percent.